Meet George Chowanec

George_ChowanecGeorge obtained a Master of Science Engineering Degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  After graduation, he worked at AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies after the company split.  With an extensive background in construction management and ergonomic space design, spanning residential and commercial, designing and installing closets is second nature for him.

George started All About Closets in 2003 and, quite frankly, it was by accident.  He was dating his girlfriend at the time and when he walked into her closet she had one rod and shelf running around the perimeter.  From an engineering standpoint, he realized there was wasted space below and above the rod.  He redesigned her closet in AutoCAD and presented his solution for doubling her closet capacity with double hang, long hang and shelving.  She went on a trip with a girlfriend, and while she was away he organized the closet, and as expected, all of the clothes fit in half of the space. As a result, she was able to fit her whole four-season wardrobe in the closet with room to spare. 

After looking online about closet companies, he found that Neil Balter was looking for authorized resellers of his product line at Organizers Direct.  Neil pioneered the closet industry by starting California Closets in 1978.  George started his business in 2003 and hasn't looked back.  He attributes his success with All About Closets by always placing the customer first, striving to exceed expectations, providing excellent quality materials/designs and having a lifetime warrantee on products and services.

For those of you who are wondering, a few years later that girlfriend became his wife and she is still an integral part of All About Closets' success!