Gridwall or Slatwall Vertical Wall Systems

At All about Closets, we want to help you maximize every inch of your closet space. After fully utilizing garage storage cabinets and overhead storage, you will realize that there are odd-shape and odd-sized items that don’t seem to have a home. Gridwall and Slatwall Vertical Wall Systems are the perfect solutions to free up your space on the floor, finalizing the organized dream garage you’ve been desiring.

Fully Customized Storage Solutions that Maximizes Organization

Every household’s needs are different, so when we design your custom garage, you’ll have perfectly tailored solutions to all your current and future needs. From the assessment of your items to your workflow and lifestyle, we will create a design to hold everything you need and space for extra activities if desired.

Some of the options we have available include:

Gridwall Storage: The Gridwall System looks like a grid that is attached to your garage walls. By adding simple to attach hooks, you can store just about anything such as garage shelving, bins, brooms, shovels, and everything in between.

Slatwall Storage: As the name implies, this wall system looks like slats that attach to your garage walls to hold accessories just like the Gridwall System - the difference is the design. Many clients fill up the wall space with this option to allow for maximum flexibility for future changes.

Workbenches: Like garage cabinets, workbenches are mounted on the wall to keep the floor clear - ideal for easy cleaning, clutter maintenance, and durability.

You’d be surprised when the Wall Storage option is combined with Garage Cabinets and Overhead Storage - it will feel like adding unlimited storage potential to your garage. Let us help you design your Dream Garage for Free Today.

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