Murphy Beds

Maximize the Space In Your Home with a Custom Murphy Bed

As a family owned New Jersey business, the team at All About Closets realizes that having someplace for visiting loved ones to sleep is a must. However, with living space at a premium, many people don’t want to dedicate an entire bedroom to guests who only visit once in a while. That’s why our wall bed options and Murphy beds in NJ offer our clients the perfect bedding solution.

All About Closets, New Jersey’s premiere storage and space solution specialists, installs these hiding slumber pads for homeowners who want simple and easily accessible sleeping accommodations for occasional overnight guests. Homeowners can offer a wall bed in NJ or Murphy bed in NJ to visitors without losing the valuable living space they need the rest of the year. With more than eight years of industry experience and an unmatched reputation for quality and service, All About Closets provides superior products with a lifetime warranty at affordable prices. Contact us to request a complimentary in-home murphy bed design consultation. View our photo gallery to get more ideas for your custom wall beds/murphy beds.